Winning the Fight Against Armies of Fire Ants in Burke

Winning the Fight Against Armies of Fire Ants in Burke

Whenever fire ants invade your home, they come in armies. While these insects may seem harmless, they can give painful bites. As a homeowner dealing with fire ants, you want to know how to beat these pests in Burke. A reputable pest control company can send a team of technicians to help you handle a fire ant infestation. These technicians can also help you prevent these ants from pestering your home again. 

Fire Ants Characteristics

A fire ant infestation is a serious issue. Fire ants can infiltrate your house and yard in no time, causing various problems. Thankfully, there are strategies you can employ to eliminate them. However, let us first talk about their characteristics. 

Fire ants are reddish-brown ants with two-node structures. They are known for their aggressive behavior and painful sting. They will attack anything they perceive as a threat. That is why you must take care when you deal with them. 

What makes fire ants different from other ant species is their ability to adjust to their surroundings. Because of this, fire ants are resilient and can survive in various environments. Also, they are social creatures and have a complex hierarchy in their colony. 

Why a Fire Ant Infestation is Dangerous

Fire ants can pose risks for people and pets. They tend to attack as a group and sting when disturbed. Their venomous bites are quite painful. Sometimes, an allergic reaction can take place, resulting in swelling, breathing difficulty, or even death. Also, fire ants can create nests under pavement, inside walls, and in other places where shelter is available. Their nests can lead to unsightly damage, particularly to your yard. 

How to Control a Fire Ant Infestation

 Fire ants are often handled with chemical treatment. But you need to be careful when using these chemicals. When not used properly, chemical treatment for ants can be harmful to both humans and pets. You should speak with a pest control professional first before you use the treatment. This way, you know how to safely and effectively use the chemicals for your particular situation. Before the pest control team arrives, you can try some methods.

An option is boiling water to eliminate a fire ant colony. Just pour boiling water over an ant hill and the heat will kill the pests near the surface and break the colony up. Also, you can try diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle this powder treatment over the mound of the ants. 

When it comes to controlling a fire ant infestation, prevention is key. To make your home less attractive to these insects, keep it clean and debris-free. Fire ants are drawn to food debris and clutter. Also, you should seal all possible entry points into your house like foundation cracks or gaps in windows and doors.

While a fire ant infestation is a serious problem, it does not need to be permanent. By working with a pest control professional, you will know how to keep your home free of fire ants and other pests. Also, you will be informed about pest treatments that are safe for both your family and pets.