6 Tips to Boost Client Retention as a Realtor in 2024

6 Tips to Boost Client Retention as a Realtor in 2024
Your days as a realtor are always packed. You’re trying to find new clients while also hoping the standards aren’t dropping for existing clients. The home buying or selling process almost becomes the backdrop because it’s the relationship that matters. It’s a people business. Competition has never been fiercer and client retention is the lifeblood of a thriving real estate business. So it’s good that we’ve compiled some tips for you!

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

You need to remember that this isn’t like buying a cucumber in a grocery store for customers. They’re making a huge life change. Human touch counts. Go the extra mile to ensure that this journey is not only smooth from a transactional perspective, but also a pleasant and memorable one. Effective communication, transparency, and being there for your clients whenever they need you go a long way.

2. Offer Personalised Experiences

You can’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach to work either because every case is different. Don’t take the time to learn about your clients and they will soon take their business elsewhere. Learn about them, ask questions, and care. This is a small word with a big impact. Truly care about your clients and fighting on their behalf becomes much easier.

3. Stay in Touch

You might think that your job is done once all the contracts are signed but clients will still have questions. Don’t ghost them. We aren’t saying you need to invite them over for dinner or call them every day, of course. But keep them apprised of market trends and just check in periodically to say hello because it can make a significant difference. With today’s technology, keeping in touch has never been easier. Through regular newsletters and social media, you can keep your clients engaged and feeling valued.

4. Provide Valuable Resources

Your clients are looking to you as the expert, so share that wisdom generously. Keep them informed with the latest market insights and trends. Offer them educational materials. Provide them with access to resources that make their homeownership experience smoother, whether that’s in the form of a reputable contractor’s number or a DIY home maintenance guide.

5. Show Appreciation

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and remember that they could have gone with any other realtor before they chose you. A simple, heartfelt ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Recognize and reward their loyalty with client gifts from realtors or special incentives. Even a personalised note can create a lasting impression and rekindle their trust and relationship with you.

6. Continuously Improve

There is no greater gift than feedback because it tells you where you need to improve. Constructive feedback is better than positive feedback in many ways. Ask clients what they think and how you could have helped them more. You can then improve your services for when they recommend your services to friends. Clients notice when you value their feedback enough to make changes, and this demonstrates a commitment to delivering the best possible service.