Unveiling the Lookah Swordfish 2023: A Cutting-Edge Review

The Lookah Swordfish is a basic portable wax concentration vaporizer. Your preferred wax may be dropped into the atomizer using the built-in dab tool in the base. You can begin when you snap the lid shut.

Press the buttons five times quickly to turn on the swordfish vape pen. While the lights flash in succession, the appliance will begin to preheat. You may adjust the intensity of your vaping experience with these three voltage settings. Two clicks of the power button will change the voltage. 3.5V for green, 3.7V for blue, or 3.9V for white are your options.

When you’re ready to dab, push and hold the button as you take in the clouds of sweet, strong smoke that looks like cotton candy.

Since 2009, Lookah has been producing premium hand-blown glass pipes, accessories, and dab rigs. They have just joined the vaporizer manufacturing industry and have been steadily introducing a number of new products, all except one of which are intended for the use of concentrates. It is quickly becoming as the go-to brand for anybody searching for their first or more, reasonably priced wax gadgets.

The Swordfish is Lookah’s first dab pen and it comes with a 950mAh battery that charges by USB-C, a simple single-button operation, a glass clamshell mouthpiece, 3 voltage settings, and a clean, minimalist appearance. The porous Quartz coil has a 710-threaded connection, allowing it to work with the variety of replacement coils offered by the company.

Accessories and Kit

The Lookah Swordfish comes with a kit that is appropriately loaded with everything you need, including a few essential spares and tools, much like the majority of the brand’s products.

Modern, Sleek Design

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus (Review) demonstrates Lookah’s dedication to naming its products after aquatic animals and drawing design inspiration from them. The cylindrical glass mouthpiece truly emphasizes how similar the Lookah Swordfish’s shape is to that of its namesake. Its overall height of 4.5 inches makes it small enough to fit in your palm and tight enough to fit in a handbag.

It has an ergonomic curvature for a better grip and is a sleek, thin gadget. Just a little below the mouthpiece’s base, on top, lies the lone button. This location bothers me personally since it’s far too high up, but it’s not quite uncomfortable enough for me to think of it as a negative. Two curving LED lights next to the button show the current device status, battery life, and preferred temperature.

Just one button to press

This gadget is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most user-friendly ones available because of its one button. Press the power button five times quickly to switch on the Swordfish, and it will start pre-heating right away. Press the button once more to cycle through the preset settings when pre-heating is finished:

Clamshell Magnetic Mouthpiece

I wish more devices adopted this approach since it makes loading the Swordfish so simple. The hinge and the magnets guarantee that the mouthpiece and the device body are completely aligned and sealed, so all that is required of you is to open, load, and shut the device. The use of a cylindrical glass mouthpiece, a nod to Lookah’s hand-blown glass pieces, is a subtly distinctive trademark feature. Only the cleanest and most delicious vapor may be tasted thanks to the neutral nature of the glass.

Internal Dab Tool 

A little dab tool is included inside the device’s bottom. Making it very simple to manage your dabs and minimize stickiness. Before reinstalling the dab tool in the device, I strongly advise giving it a short clean in order to prevent buildup at the end of the slot.

The greatest place to start when unsure of how much dab to use is with a quantity little larger than a grain of rice. You’ll squander material and end up with a sticky coil if you dab too much.

Battery: 950mAh; Charging: USB-C

The 950mAh battery that powers the Lookah Swordfish is really too large for a wax pen. Depending on the temperature settings you employ, the battery may last for 12 to 15 sessions and charge through the very steady USB-C in around an hour.

It’s always encouraging to see gadgets of all prices transition to USB-C, particularly given that micro-USB, although initially functional, soon slows down and exhibits instability. The Swordfish has a 5-minute auto-shutoff to save electricity.

The 710 Connection and Quartz Coils

Two Quartz Coils are included in the Lookah Swordfish’s package, and they create superb, flavorful vapor, particularly on the lowest setting. The smoke is thicker, heavier, somewhat less aromatic, and never as hot as you would anticipate with the intermediate setting. I find that using the Swordfish on any setting other than the bottom two merely produces vapor that is too thick and only tastes burned.

The porous quartz coils on the Lookah Swordfish have a 710 connection. This connection enables the current coil to be changed for any of Lookah’s replacements, which, although all being constructed of the same material, have various designs and provide various results.

To sum up

The Lookah Swordfish brings me back to dabbing’s fundamentals. It’s a simple, no-frills gadget that works well as a daily driver or a backup. Depending on which of the two settings you select, it creates a tasty vapor that may either be thick or light.

It’s absolutely worth the $69 asking price, but before making a decision, I would urge you to look at other thinner, pen-style solutions. Check out our ranking of the top wax pens of 2022 for more thorough assessments.