How to create an online store using PrestaShop

PrestaShop debuted as an open-source ecommerce platform. After its introduction, people have used it to create fully functional online businesses with the best features. It uses the MySQL database technology for storing all data. PrestaShop allows users to configure their online store via the cloud or local hosting. 

In reality, not much code is required to create an online website. PrestaShop is one of many cutting-edge online systems that make it possible to build an eCommerce website without writing any lines of code. However, one can conveniently hire PrestaShop developer to produce tailored services for a business.

What are the key features of PrestaShop technology?

  • Online store

Users can create and configure their stores on the dashboard of this ecommerce system. There are not many free themes available. However, there are thousands of responsive designs available as paid items. One can choose the theme with ease, depending on the store. Different developers create themes for PrestaShop. As a result, research is crucial to complete before making a purchase.

  • Digital Marketing

Merchants must run campaigns that bring their target customers into the store in this increasingly competitive industry. It would not be achievable if there were no marketing tools. PrestaShop includes various marketing elements that make it simple for store owners to manage their campaigns. 

  • Store management

It is crucial to display numerous products, offer descriptions, and include other elements that render a product appealing to visitors. PrestaShop has many tools to manage the store. Customers may be able to observe the goods clearly, and it is simple to upload several product photos. Additionally, this functionality makes it simple for store owners to handle inventory, orders, and much more.

  • Payment system

The payment handling system is the foundation of every online store. Consumers today do not want their options restricted. They need a range of payment choices to purchase at a store. Merchants must therefore give clients a wide range of payment options to run a successful store. 

  • Plugins and extensions

Merchants have the option to combine this platform with third-party apps via integration options. PrestaShop offers its users access to thousands of extensions and plugins. Yet these add-ons are not free. 

  • Client support

The reputation of a sound ecommerce system is based on its customer service. It is meaningless if no timely ecommerce solution addresses users’ concerns. The user can contact them by phone. Furthermore, users can access various resources and education if they run into problems understanding how PrestaShop works.

Step by step process to build a PrestaShop store

  • Select a hosting service provider.

Prior to beginning PrestaShop development, one must select a domain name and a hosting service. In addition, certain factors should be considered while selecting Presta Web hosting. For instance, one should not always choose more affordable hosting options. Instead, one might prioritize performance and storage capacity over affordability. 

Currently, numerous hosting companies offer applicable hosting packages. Choosing the correct hosting company for the online store is crucial, as is choosing a catchy domain name that draws visitors. Therefore, picking the ideal domain name for the business is wise.

  • Install PrestaShop.

The next most critical step is PrestaShop setup. The next most critical step is installing PrestaShop. One can install PrestaShop on the chosen hosting server by going to the official PrestaShop website. Afterwards, it is the selection of an appropriate subscription plan. 

  • Personalize the PrestaShop store.

Following the processes above, the PrestaShop team will send an email with the store admin information. After logging in using the shared information, one will have access to many customization choices for the online business. 

Below are a few options to help build the store.

  • Store appearance

One may need posters, logos, and branding visuals to personalize their online store. One can customize the layout at any point and select the appearance of their online store using PrestaShop’s pre-built features. 

  • The layout of product pages

One must take great care while adding details to product pages. In addition to mentioning clear and accurate product photos, one should also maintain concise and insightful facts. The online seller can use many add-ons to make the store appealing to store visitors. 

  • Payment and shipping solutions

Credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, and COD are a few of the popular payment options on PrestaShop. It is preferable to add methods that most visitors are likely to use. 

To boost client engagement and minimize the rate of cart abandonment, it is essential to make the checkout process straightforward. 


PrestaShop is an excellent platform that allows businesses to build top-notch ecommerce websites. Businesses can hire an ecommerce development company to build and grow their store. PrestaShop has extremely reasonable pricing and efficiently satisfies user needs. A business of any size is sure to benefit from the open-source PrestaShop ecommerce platform.