How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App Like Airbnb?

Like millions, do you also want to know the cost of developing a mobile app like Airbnb? Before mentioning the exact price of Airbnb-like app development, let’s take you into the flashback. Airbnb’s journey started in 2007 with two generous hosts who welcomed three let three guests stay at their San Francisco home. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown multifold. At present, it has a remarkable community of over 4 million hosts. Isn’t it amazing? Well, it doesn’t end here. Let’s check out some fun facts about this online marketplace that offers short- and long-term homestays and experiences:

  • Airbnb has 6.6 million listings globally, including more than 100K cities and towns.
  • More than 220 countries and regions have Airbnb listings.
  • More than 4 million hosts are listed on Airbnb.
  • Approximately 700K businesses are using Airbnb for work stays.

Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) is a platform that enables property owners to rent out their place to those looking for a stay. The app has two modules- one for guests and the other for hosts.

Now that you know how popular Airbnb is, let’s quickly move further to the cost of developing an app similar to Airbnb.

6 Factors That Impact The Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb

Here is the list of factors to consider before building an App like Airbnb. These parameters directly impact the total development cost of Airbnb-like mobile apps.

1.   Features

The features you add to your app are one of the factors behind its success. Here are some distinguishing features you can consider adding to your vacation rental mobile app:

Sign Up

Registration is the first feature of an Airbnb-like mobile app. It allows users to register by entering the required information. To save time and improve user experience, you can also provide various options like signing up via email, phone number, google accounts, or social media accounts.

User Profile

An Airbnb-like mobile app will need three panels: Guest, Host, and Admin. The user profile feature will be required in the Host and Guest panel. In this section, guests can check the personal information they submitted during registration. They can also check booking history and other details. Similarly, hosts can find information like the number of guests who booked their place, upcoming bookings, and more.

Search and Filter

The feature will allow guests to search for a property by name or place. Filters will allow them to view the results from property type (1BHK, 2BHK, Apartment, etc.), cost, location, and more. The Advanced Search and Filter option will contribute to improving customer experience.

Room Details

The feature will make guests view the property images, check other guests’ reviews and ratings, room descriptions, terms and conditions of booking, and more. Based on this information, the guests can proceed with the bookings.

Google Map Integration

It is one of the essential features that allow users to view the exact location of the property on Google Maps. Using Google Maps, guests can easily fetch and reach even the remotest places.

Apart from these, other critical features include “Invite Your Friends, Multiple Payment Gateway, Add to Favorites, AI-based Voice Assistant, and In-App Messaging.” Depending on your business needs, you can choose these features.

2.   Tech Stack

With various tools and technologies in the market, choosing the right fit for your mobile app is crucial. You can choose from the following options:

Front-end: React, Angular, Vue

Back-end: Python, Laravel, and more

Mobile Platform: Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Reactive, and more

Database: MySQL, Amazon RDS, and more

If you don’t know which technology to use, hire experienced app developers and tell them your customized business requirements. They will suggest the best tech platform to meet your business objectives.

3.   Location of the App Development Company/Developers

The location of your iOS or Android app development company or developers also contributes to the total app development costs. Indian developers charge a lot lesser than developers in other countries. If you hire Indian developers, you might have to pay somewhere between $18 to $40 per hour.

4.   Experience and Size of the Development Team

The cost of hiring developers is directly proportional to their experience. In other words, experienced developers charge higher than less-experienced ones. Besides, the size of the development team is also a crucial factor that determines the development costs.

5.   Development Time

While calculating the cost of an app similar to Airbnb, it is critical to consider development time. The longer the project is higher will be the cost. Many app development companies offer a perfect combination of cost and quality. Also, you can know the estimated development time when you discuss all your requirements with the app development company or developers.

6.   Platform

The cost of an Airbnb-like app also depends on the platform, i.e., Android or iOS. To reach a wider audience, consider building a cross-platform app instead of a native one. Adding up more screens means additional coding and hence, the costs.

An app like Airbnb can cost from USD 54,800 to USD 56,500. Again, it depends on the factors discussed earlier in this blog. Connect with a trusted mobile app development company for accurate cost estimation.


Mobile apps like Airbnb are becoming immensely popular as they provide users with the convenience of booking homestays and experiences in minutes. Therefore, choosing it as your business idea is a great option. But before you begin with an Airbnb-like mobile application, it is crucial to understand the factors that determine the total app development cost.

The cost may vary depending on the features, app’s complexity, platform, size, and location of the development team or the app development company. Define your requirements and connect to a reliable travel app development company for cost estimation.